Yale’s Chaplain Confirms that being Anti-Israel is the same as being Anti-Semitic

Per The Episcopal Church at Yale’s website , it is:

One of the oldest university Chaplaincies in the country (established on October 23, 1869).  ECY is a ministry of the Episcopal Church to students, staff and faculty at Yale University.  We seek to encourage and nurture members of the Yale community in the faith of Jesus Christ and to communicate in the academy of higher learning that the religious quest is relevant and essential to the educated mind.

Based on this self-described modus operandi, it’s not a stretch to view ECY as a body that respects people of all faiths while pursuing faith in an intellectual setting. However, while this may describe the institution, its not a fitting description of its Chaplain, Rev. Bruce M. Shipman.

In response to Dr. Deborah Lipstadt’s NYT’s Op-ed on rising anti-Semitism in Europe, Rev. Shipman responded with his own letter to the editor which reads in part:

As hope for a two-state solution fades and Palestinian casualties continue to mount, the best antidote to anti-Semitism would be for Israel’s patrons abroad to press the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for final-status resolution to the Palestinian question.


Rev. Bruce Shipman

In simpler terms, people won’t hate you Jews if you pressure Netanyahu to concede. And while the Washington Post’s David Bernstein correctly points out that Shipman’s comments amount to good old fashioned victim blaming, it’s worth pointing out as well just how eloquently the Reverend resolved the ongoing debate of whether anti-Israel sentiment is the same as anti-Semitism.  By stating that anti-Semitism will diminish if Israel reaches a final-status deal, Reverend Shipman clearly notes that those in protest, himself included, make no distinction.

So thank you Rev. Shipman for setting the record straight and providing a road map for the criteria necessary for you, and others, to hate all Jews less.

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4 thoughts on “Yale’s Chaplain Confirms that being Anti-Israel is the same as being Anti-Semitic

  1. Rev. Dr. Craig M. Whitcher says:

    I have listened to Netanyahu and members of Israel’s right wing government; also those from “Breaking the Silence” and “Voices for Peace.,” an Israeli General’s son and former soldier, a respected Israeli Lawyer and foreign policy advisor to our State Department, and a Palestinian Protestant pastor. I have been to Israel and Palestine to educate myself first hand. I have grown up with Jews, attended college which had a large Jewish presence, took courses taught by Rabbis and served one church in a predominantly Jewish community.
    What has happened that in this day there can be no debate about the Mideast, Israel, Palestine, and Islamic nations without calling everyone a “Nazi” and demanding the heads (excuse the awful pun, I could have used crucifying.) of anyone who dares to render a consideration and view of what is happening in that part of the world?
    A part of the world where American lives and treasure are spent ostensibly for the sake of peace. (let’s not forget “OIL”)
    A part of the world where geopolitics have been played out by powerful nations and kingdoms, carving out boundaries with no regard to the people and cultures who live there with blatant policies of exploitation and subjugation.
    A part of the world whose Christian, Islamic and Jewish history have all had their darker purposes defined in acts of genocide, exile and occupation. testified to in their scriptures that are also used to justify those very same sinister geopolitical policies today.
    Peace is always a card to be played and defined by the powerful. True peace and justice is a gift of compassion without fear, i.e. “The Marshall Plan” in Europe, the return of Japan and Germany to the family of nations, the granting of Israeli Statehood.
    The cost of peace and justice is ending the addiction to racial and ethnic bigotry; fear and victimization; revenge and the abused becoming the abuser.
    I learned from a wonderful Jewish psychologist family therapist that those who can change must change. Those who can change are those who have the power.
    I read Rev. Shipman’s letters with this point of view.

  2. admin says:

    The Rev. Bruce Shipman, an Episcopal chaplain at Yale University, resigned in the wake of his letter to The New York Times that blamed rising anti-Semitism in Europe on Israel.

    Read more: Yale chaplain quits after blaming Israel for anti-Semitism | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/yale-chaplain-quits-after-blaming-israel-for-anti-semitism/#ixzz3CpNxAEap

  3. Colin Wright says:

    I take it that if in 1941, someone had connected hostility towards Germans with the behavior of Nazi Germany, that it would follow that opposition to Nazi Germany was equivalent to bigotry towards Germans.

  4. admin says:

    You could, but you’d be wrong. Saying things like “Too bad Hitler didn’t finish the job” has nothing to do with criticizing Israel. Its plain as day antisemitism.

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