Yada, Yada, Yada…and That’s Why We Live on Mars

It’s cold in Houston, abnormally so. Generally speaking our winter has been colder than most remember. Plus, Dallas is covered with 11 inches of snow and DC still faces 6 foot snow drifts.  DJ’s report the weather with snide comments like,  “I could use some global warming on my ass right now” and Face Bookers gleefully note how today’s weather surely disproves global warming like they have been keeping data for years and the results are now final. In the elevator, I noted to my fellow passenger, sarcastically of course, “what a beautiful day”. His retort: “So much for global warming”. When I reminded him that the issue is really climate change, he puffed, “the climate’s been changing for 1000’s of years”. And I thought he was only in his fifties!  

I am not about to report the myths or facts on global warming or climate change. I goggled these topics and got back so much chazerai it’s not worth reprising. An exercise which illustrates just how completed fucked up this debate has become.  People respond emotionally to a scientific question just like responding on the moral and emotional question of Choice. Sure, at some point your values and visceral reactions will affect all viewpoints. No one makes Spock-like choices based only on logic. However, when an issue does involve scientific evaluation, it would be nice if at least part of our decision process takes that into consideration.

I do know that the equator has not moved (I think). Beyond that, science seems to agree on very little. Ok fine, we can’t know everything. What caused the Ice Age or Ages? Are we in some kind of normal climate cycle in the big scheme of the universe? Important questions to which the required answers will be lost in the highly politicized debate over research.

So then let us focus on what we know and see. Skin cancer rates are through the roof. And people who live near refineries get sicker than people who don’t.  Weather patterns have changed over the last two decades and storms, i.e tornadoes, hurricanes, winter,and rain, are noticeable worse as of late. Gas and energy prices are crazy high and we pay too much money to countries who really don’t like us all that much for oil. And though some people don’t seem to mind, air pollution really is annoying.

We can work on these individual problems without getting bogged down by the overall debate over climate change . We need to as a matter of fact. I don’t think anyone would be satisfied with the answer, “look, skin cancer has been around for 1000’s of years, just deal with it.” Besides, do you want to explain to your grandkids, “and yada, yada, yada…got in our Hyundai Spacecraft and landed on Mars 6 months later.”

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