Words Matter

A couple of awful murders recently caught national attention. In each, the press quoted the local police as referring to the eventual suspect as a “person of interest”. Pretty much the same words as the phrase “interesting person”, except:

1)    An interesting person (IP) who visits exotic locations usually makes his or herself more interesting unlike the person of interest (POI) who merely makes the amount of eventual bail much higher;

2)    POI’s like America’s Most Wanted for all the wrong reasons;

3)    IP’s who become POI’s are called “interesting persons of interest” or IPOI’s (in case you were wondering), think OJ or Phil Spector;

4)    Some IP’s are upset that POI’s get all the attention, which may help explain the transition;

5)    POI’s seem to like cats;

6)    IP’s prefer reading the newspaper unlike POI’s who use the newspaper to cover their windows; and

7)    POI’s have their attorney on speed dial.

I’m pretty sure it was Confucius who said,  “better to be interesting than of interest” .

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