Why Soccer Players Should ALWAYS Wear a Cup & Why the President of Bolivia is Nuts (pun intended)

Click for the video YouTube Bolivian President kicking opponent in the Groin  and read the Bloomberg article below.


Bolivia’s Morales Apologizes for Kneeing Soccer Rival’s Groin, ABI Reports

By Sara Shahriari – Oct 7, 2010

Bolivian President Evo Morales apologized today for kneeing an opponent in the groin during a weekend soccer match, state newswire ABI reported.

Morales said he regretted the incident while calling the confrontation a “trap,” ABI reported, citing comments the president made at a news conference today.

The incident occurred during a game between Morales’s Movement Toward Socialism party and a team led by La Paz Mayor Luis Revilla, who belongs to the party Movement Without Fear.

Video of the incident was posted on websites and broadcast around the world. Morales is seen approaching opposing team player Daniel Cartagena during a break in play and kneeing him in the groin. Cartagena falls to the ground. Morales said Cartagena struck a blow against him during play.

Morales said today that Cartagena injured him and subsequently insulted him to provoke a reaction, ABI reported.

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