Why Arnold Schwarzenegger Went Public with Love Child

2011 The Hollywood Gossip May 18

After ten years, actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted he fathered a male child out of wedlock with a domestic assistant. Many are asking what provoked the “Terminator” to publically acknowledge the love child now, risking both marriage and reputation.

Sources close to the family reveal, however,  in off the record interviews, that the true identity of the boy’s father became so evident, that Schwarzenegger had no choice but to admit fatherhood. Amongst the clues cited by these close insiders were the facts that the 10 year-old could lift 300 lbs, spoke with an Austrian accent and whenever he left the house, would say, “I’ll be back”. But the apparent clincher was the boy’s uncanny ability to get both Democrats and Republicans mad at him at the same time.

Governor Schwarzenegger declined comment for this article.


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