Who Knew Country Music Folk Were So Prude?

Country recording artist turned movie star Julianne Hough’s new video has been banned from cable music channels due to the revealing nature of her performance (and I am not talkin’ emotional). The star of Burlesque applied her new found skills to her video of Is That So Wrong. Well, according to the powers that be, (but apparently don’t) Hough’s skin proved just not right for the virtuous audience sought by the cable channels. This is the same virtuous audience that enjoyed such hits as Keith Urban’s Raining on Sunday where he sang, “Oh surrender is much sweeter when we both let it go/Let the water wash our bodies clean and love wash our souls.”

And don’t forget Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s Let’s Make Love where the lovely couple shared, “Let’s make love all night long/Until all our strength is gone/Hold on tight, just let go/I want to feel you in my soul”.

And if you want old school, who can forgot Charlie Rich’s requiem to privacy in his 70’s tome Behind Closed Doors:

Then she lets her hair hang down
And she makes me glad that I’m a man
Oh, no-one knows what goes on behind closed doors
Behind closed doors

Oh Charlie, if only music videos were around then. You too could have been banned. But see the video with the link below, and ask yourself is this so wrong?

 Julianne Hough Banned Video Is That So Wrong

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