Virtual Strip Searches – Solving Terrorism and Health at the Same Time

According to the article below, high-tech security scanners that might have prevented the recent attempt to blow up a NWA  jetliner are operational in only a  few airports around the world. Why, primarily because the machines see through clothing.

Excuse me, but isn’t that the fucking point. To be able to see if someone is packing deadly explosives in their underwear?

“Privacy watchdogs” raised concerns because these contraptions can show the body’s contours with “embarrassing clarity”.  Concerns suffiecient enough to slow the introduction of these life and time saving machines. As stated in the article, “Jay Stanley, public education director for the American Civil Liberties Union’s Technology and Liberty Program, said the machines essentially perform ‘virtual strip searches that see through your clothing and reveal the size and shape of your body.’  ”

That’s it? The size and shape of my body? Its not like I walk around in a god damn box! My height and weight are listed on my driver’s license for fuck sake. (ok, a little taller and lighter maybe, but still). Do I want to walk through this machine, not really. But given the reality of the situation, if it will make flying and living in general safer, I’m good.  Let’s make the jihadists in Yeman and wherever spend all their time trying to figure out our security instead of us responding to their lastest attempt. Fighting the last battle has never been the best strategy.

Maybe to make the process more palatable to everyone we add on a heart and cancer screening module to the scanners. That way, as folks get checked for explosives, they get a free health check as well. So there you have it, terrorism and health care resolved in one trip to the airport. Who thought flying could be so much fun?



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