Today I Voted

voting-machine-2Today I voted.

Anxiously triple checking to ensure I clicked Hillary Clinton’s name. Anything else risked the democracy I value most dear.

That’s a high stake.

Yes, I would have voted for her regardless of opponent. But none of the others instilled the unprecedented abject fear and worry of a potential Trump Administration.

Why? Simple stated, Trump lacks the basic human decencies required to serve as President of the United States, the de facto most powerful person in the world.

But what about Hillary some ask. Earlier this month, John Oliver of Last Week Tonight perfectly and hilariously summed up the difference between Trump and Clinton “scandals”. Those seeking moral equivalence will not find it in this election.

Sec. Clinton would enter the White House with some of the deepest and most unique experience of any President; it’s not her first rodeo.

We need

Sec. Clinton aligns well with my own socially progressive, fiscally moderate and conservative foreign policy views.

Her success, and the nation’s progress, will depend greatly upon the parties’ willingness and ability to constructively engage on the various issues confronting our Country. Clinton comprehends both the expressed strategy of reluctant cooperation as well as the potential for post-Trump outreach. She’s seen it before.

I finally pressed the “cast ballot” button and watched the screen revert before moving on from the voting booth. I thanked the Election Officials as I exited and walked into the nearby parking lot. A “Trump for President” sticker aligned the bumper of a single car. New voters passed me on their inside.

Though October is one my favorite months, I cannot wait until November.



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