Timing is everything – McGuire & Edwards

Admissions, contriteness, apologies – all good for the soul and TMZ.com; sometimes people wait for the confession booth, Yom Kipper, or both.  But waiting for a new job or book release, well that’s something entirely different.

Since Mark McGuire smartly (see Miguel Tejada) and politely refused to discuss steroid use under oath during a Congressional hearing, most have assumed Big Red used more than just creatine to enable his record setting home runs.  Only upon accepting the position as the Cardinal’s Hitting coach, however, did he feel compelled to admit steroid five years after the Hearing.

Two years following his adamant denial that he did not father Rielle Hunter’s child, former Senator and Presidential Candidate John Edwards admitted paternity. Why now? Cause in February former confidant and self-proclaimed father of said child Andrew Young releases his tome, The Politician: An Insider’s Account of John Edward’s Pursuit of the Presidency and the Scandal That Brought Him Down.

So is it better to come clean responding to an event or occurrence or does it render the admission cheap and tawdry?

The answer is probably a little of both. Certainly admissions and apologies have more impact and meaning when accomplished contemporaneous to the discovery, leak, etc. Prompting of external factors elicits significant questioning of sincerity.  Nonetheless, in these particular cases questions of some public import are now resolved. How the public views Mac and Edwards, well, I would not be planning any Hall of Fame parties or 2016 Presidential bids anytime soon.


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