The Times (not people) They Are A Changin’ – Obama’s Cabinet

Bob Dylan got it right; it’s the times that are a changin’. Merely placing “new” people in postions of power alone bring nothing. Now granted, you have to have the right folks for change but that doesn’t require a litmus test of Federal government inexperience and DC virginity  to serve the Obama Administration (no 42 jokes please). Obama needs individuals with skill, experience, passion, intellect, motivation,and leadership.  But me personally, I ‘m elated as peaches in cream that senior White House and Cabinet officials will know how to use the copiers and phone system, not to mention important  stuff like run our government, fix the economy and  stop playing hide and seek with Osama BL  before the Nationals eliminate themselves from playoff contention in mid-April. 

And for those calling Obama a sell out before we even hit Thanksgiving, what precisely do you want?  Bill Ayres as Attorney General?  Jane Fonda as Secretary of Defense?  My goodness, you work for 2 years to make history then hysterically work for 2 days to make chopped liver.  Let me explain it this way.  This Administration, and the tasks at hand, are (are you ready for the cliché) bigger than you, me and any individual voting segment.  Recent events provide the new Administration an opportunity like no other of recent memory but for that which Bush 43 blew following 911.  Obama can bring together the famous, the brilliant, the stubborn, and the disagreeable knowing the nation’s challenges trump all.  It’s a simple case of failure is not an option and no one wants to be blamed for hammering any final nails in our country’s proverbial coffin.

I admit that I only purchased but not did not actually read Doris Kearns Goodwin‘s Team of Rivals though I got a pretty good understanding by reading various excerpts and reviews (go ahead, read my previous entry and call me a hypocrite).  Is Obama sufficiently Lincolnesqe to handle the Cabinet that appears to be forming?  I sure as shit hope so.  But I am willing to take the chance?

Chance, I think, is really not the right concept. I see Obama’s Cabinet more as a Democratic Dream team.  And, if you put it that way, the question then becomes:  is it Barcelona circa 1992 or Athens of four years ago. Considering team affiliation, I’ll take the 1992 USA Dream Team, led by its captain, another transformational figure… Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls.

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