The Future is Ours – Forsake it not

Like everyone one, I have been reading and watching the coverage of OBL’s death. Below find a summary of the most salient takeaways:

  • Obama avoided his “Jimmy Carter” moment and provides him momentum not only for 2012, but to pursue his Administration’s priorities;
  • The effort of defeat of Islamic based terrorism is far from over;
  • This can be a starting point for an American resurgence diplomatically, economically and militarily;
  • The chaos sought by OBL and al Qaeda has in part come to fruition vis-à-vis the Arab spring, Iran’s push for regional hegemony, and continued efforts of Hamas and Hezbollah;
  • Stabilizing the Mid-East and South Asia with regimes committed to defeating terror and reasonably friendly to the US must be a, if not the, central focus of US foreign policy;
  • America and American’s are right to rejoice in our government’s successful rendering of justice;
  • Obama must take quick advantage of the unified sense of citizenship; its fleeting and ankle-deep;
  • Now is the time to intensify our efforts to defeat the Taliban and terror in general; and
  • We cannot turn a blind eye to groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, and other intolerant groups.

OBL cast a pale over our country for the past 10 years. Though others have picked up his agenda, we can finally turn the page and really look to the future.  We have a remarkable opportunity; forsake it not.

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