The BCS Made My 9 Year old Son Cry

So it’s Sunday morning, and Oklahoma had enacted Saturday night the kind of gun control laws upon Texas Tech that if Charleston Heston were still alive, the Sooner’s would have been prying the Red Raider’s six shooters from his “cold, dead hands.”  As fans of the Texas Longhorns, my 9-year old son asked me to explain the impact of the Tech loss on UT’s chance of playing in the BCS National Title Game.

For the uninitiated, BCS stands for the Bowl Championship Series, a group of the major college bowl games including the championship game, which pairs the number one and two teams as determined by the following formula:

The Standings include three components: USA Today Coaches  Poll, Harris   Interactive College Football Poll and an average of six computer rankings.

Each component will count one-third toward a team’s overall BCS score.

Got that!  I have explained to him the international financial crisis with greater simplicity.  All he wanted to know was whether the Horns would be playing for the National Title and the best I could answer was “depends.”  And when he asked the inevitable “depends on what”, that’s when the conversation rolled straight downhill.  “Well son, it depends on if the voters in the Harris and USA Today Poll feel OU is now better than Texas because they beat Tech by a boat load of points even though Texas beat the Sooners in October”.  And then there is the issue of strength of schedule cause Oklahoma plays Oklahoma State next week which is better than Texas A & M whom UT plays on Thanksgiving so that might give Oklahoma more points in the computer rankings and… 

It’s at this point I notice the tears begin to well up in his eyes and before I finished speaking frustration  unleashed disproportionate to his body size.  “I DON’T UNDERSTAND” …  “THIS MAKES NO SENSE,” he blurts out before the dam breaks and tears roll down his checks.  I begin to give it one more shot but realize the fruitlessness of my efforts. 

What fun is a post-season system if you can’t explain it to a 9-year old much less most adults.  Suspense should be left to the field, not to computers.

After calming my son down, and explaining that the process really is complicated, I felt one very strong desire. To find the head of BCS, tell him “you made my son cry” and punch him squarely in the nose for causing him, and America, so much unnecessary confusion.

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