Impeach Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

dp impTexas Governor Greg Abbott should immediately call a special session of the Texas Legislature to consider articles of impeachment against Lt. Governor Dan Patrick based on his explicit support of domestic acts of terror. In context, Patrick’s tweet pictured below goes beyond expression of his constitutionally protected views on homosexuality and into the realm of a public official encouraging hate crime and domestic terrorism.

dan patrick tweet 61216

Tweet posted @ 5:00 am on 6/12/16 @DanPatrick

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2 thoughts on “Impeach Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

  1. Carole Burger says:

    I did NOT vote for Dan Patrick and this latest comment of his is sickening. Using Christianity and twisting it to condone a hideous act of violence against so many. Despicable. I hope he is impeached and that it could serve as a lesson that such bigoted hate speech will no longer be tolerated.

  2. L A says:

    He should be impeached for this, for bullying transgender students and for his latest despicable comments about Black Lives Matter and the Dallas police sniper shootings. Even Trump is saying more moderate things than our embarrassing Lt Gov!

    Dan Patrick, the opportunistic bottom feeder who uses our nation’s tragedies to advance his far right wing political career.

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