Strange Bedfellows Indeed – More thoughts on Gabrielle Giffords

Christina Taylor Green

A little girl explores her new found interest in politics by meeting an experienced Congresswoman who prides herself on constituent availability.

A nineteen-year veteran of the federal bench appointed by a Republican president stops in to say hello to that same person, his Democratic friend and Congressional representative.

Of the three, two are dead, and one fights for her life.

Politics makes strange bedfellows indeed.

No doubt the shooter suffered from some form of mental illness.

But that can’t be the end of the story. Cause as Springsteen wrote on his Nebraska Album, “But it was more ‘n all this that put that gun in my hand.”

Let’s pretend.

That Christina Greene said thanks but no thanks to her kind neighbor’s invitation to meet Congresswoman Giffords; couldn’t miss her baseball game.

And that her student council election was just the beginning.

Maybe city council, a state rep seat.

Maybe Congress.

And throughout her career, she had many disagreements; fought numerous political battles. But while engaged and after, she and her colleagues understood that though of differing viewpoints, each loved his or her country. And that we have plenty of real enemies without creating our own.

This week everyone will say and do the right thing.

For the sake of Christina, Judge Roll, Gabe Zimmerman, Dorthy Murray, Dorwin Stoddard, and Phyllis Scheck, let’s hope that extends beyond; way beyond.

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