Space Shuttle Commander & Mir Space Station Scientist to join BtS Radio


John Blaha wearing his Sokol suit aboard Mir.

Former NASA Astronaut Col. John Blaha, USAF (Ret.), a member of four Space Shuttle Missions as well as the Mir Space Station Mission will join Between the Synapse Radio as a guest on Thursday, June 26 @ 1 pm ET, noon CT, 11 am MT & 10 am PT along with Aerospace analyst, journalist and publisher Dr. Jeff Foust. In addition to sharing his experiences as an Astronaut, both Col. Blaha and Dr. Faust will share their views on whether private space entrepreneurship is prepared to handle our nation’s space travel requirements.

check out the Podcast if miss the live broadcast

Col. John Blaha, USAF (Ret.)

John BlahaFormer NASA Astronaut Col. John Blaha, USAF (Ret.) completed 361 combat missions in Vietnam following his 1965 graduation from the US Air Force Academy. Accepted as an astronaut in 1980, Col. Blaha logged 161 days in space on 5 missions. The first two in 1989 as the pilot of the Space Shuttle Discovery, the second in 1991 as Commander of the Atlantis, the third in 1993 as Commander of the Columbia and finally in 1997 as a Mission Specialist/Scientist aboard the Mir Space Station. The recipient of numerous honors throughout his career, Col. Blaha is an inductee to the U.S. Astronaut Hall Of Fame.

Dr. Jeff Foust

jeff faustAerospace analyst, journalist and publisher Dr. Jeff Foust is the editor and publisher of The Space Review, a weekly online publication with in-depth essays and commentary about a wide range of space issues. He has also written for Astronomy Now and The New Atlantis in addition to writing the blog, Space Politics, which covers Capitol Hill. Jeff received his BS in geophysics from the California Institute of Technology and a Ph.D in planetary sciences from MIT.

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