SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE: Life imitates art (Palin & Griffin)

Sarah Palin called comedian Kathy Griffin a 50 year old bully. By attacking Griffin, Palin has given the Griffin exactly what she wanted: another opportunity to promote herself. Sound familiar? Check out Seinfeld Episode Number 169 which originally aired on January 29, 1998. In this classic, Griffin plays actress/comedian Sally Weaver who opens a one woman show entitled “Jerry Seinfeld- the Devil.” Each time Jerry confronts Sally about the content of her show, she includes the confrontation in her show to the delight of her audience, particularly Newman.

See Kathy Griffin and Sarah Palin

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One thought on “SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE: Life imitates art (Palin & Griffin)

  1. logan says:

    first obama was born in kenya and michelle obama proved it plus obama is one sign of the apocolypse as said in the bible leader who will be against the us and first black leader obama was the first and people think he is planning an attack on america with a terrorist (people belive osama bin laden is still alive because obama is hiding something)

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