School District looks to Mexican Drug Cartel to solve Budget Crisis


Jan. 29, 2011, 7:08AM

With Federal and State budget cutters taking aim at education, one school district in Texas has located a novel source of funding which will, “not only eliminate our deficit, but put us in the black for the first time in a generation,” this according to Southwest Houston School Superintendent Richard Kramer in yesterday’s press conference announcing the recently signed sponsorship agreement with the Mexican Drug Cartel La Padrino.

According to the details released by SWHISD, La Padrino will provide $50 million per year to the district of 25,000 students. In exchange, a number of the schools will be renamed for members of the cartel killed in the business.  Also in the package are cultural exchange programs whereby each student in the district receives one all-expense paid trip per year to Mexico for up to week. The only requirement is that each student brings an empty suit case on their trip.

“Without this deal, our kids would be out on the street doing drugs or worse. We cannot thank La Padrino enough, “noted Superintendent Kramer.

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