Red Light Reflection

traffic-sunset-cars-stopped-red-lights (1)With little lined up for dinner last Thursday evening I ordered online a cheeseburger and, as the daylight savings’ sun rendered its final watts, drove to claim my portion of paradise. A red light however, delayed my arrival within sight of the establishment.  Few opportunities exist to capture inert time as that spent waiting for green to ensue red. A vacuum now usually filled by fiddling an iPhone, other tasks range from the menial to the indulgent.

This night though I only observed … a feint sunset, the air drained from the day’s irrepressible heat, neon signs gaining clarity in the darkness, when two figures in the perpendicular crosswalk to my right caught my eye. A four-year old girl pulling at the hand of a man, her father, hurrying them through the intersection as fast as her legs could propel; her determined appearance contrasting with his look of uncertainty.

I considered briefly their purpose before realizing instead a desire to share a bit of fatherly insight. I wanted to tell him to trust his daughter; that even though she’s in front, the importance of her knowing that he’s never far behind. And that it’s perfectly fine for his daughter to lead, just be sure to firmly hold her hand.

But the light turned green, my foot hit the accelerator, future moments await.


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One thought on “Red Light Reflection

  1. Stephen Dowdall says:

    Nicely done.

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