Praise the Lord and Pass the Cranberry Sauce

As its Thanksgiving Day I could write the usual “what am I thankful for” kind of piece. Instead, here’s an alternative list of things of which I am entirely unthankful:

1)      Drivers who  block you from getting into the left turn lane by not moving up;

2)      Unseen neighbors who put large boxes from their “as seen on TV” purchases into your recycling bin;

3)      Companies that sneak in magazine subscriptions when you order online merchandise; Latina and Golf Magazine anyone?

4)      South American Dictators who run American gas stations;

5)      Uninformed sales people;

6)      Magazines with thick inserts so you can’t fan through it; and

7)       Middle East regimes hell-bent on acquiring nuclear weapons.

All this being said (see this past Sunday’s season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm (do you respect wood?)), the thankful list far outweighs the unthankful but that list takes way too much time. So, have a terrific Thanksgiving whether your thankful, ungrateful or like most folks, a little of both.

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