Political Correctness Run Amok?

The PC police are at it again. Striking down one of America’s most beloved reality stars. Because Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson provided GQ’s Drew Magary with open and honest answers to questions posed in an interview published in the January 2014 edition, A & E Network indefinitely suspended the family patriarch from the enormously popular show.

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What a shock? A duck hunter from Northwest Louisiana made inappropriate comments to a New York City magazine writer. I’d been more surprised if he hadn’t said something inappropriate. But let’s be real clear; there’s inappropriate, haha, and inappropriate, hurtful.

Upfront, I was not amongst the 11.8 million viewers that made DD’s fourth season premiere the most-watched nonfiction cable telecast in history. As a matter of fact, I’ve never watched the show, but for a few online snippets. I despise reality TV, and nothing, even a colorful, former Louisiana Tech University football player who rejected an NFL contract because the games interfered with duck season will amend my viewing habits. If I want to see an interesting long-bearded man,  I’ll pop on over to the Original Carrabba’s on Kirby and look for ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons enjoying some Pasta Weesie.

So why do I care if Phil thinks that homosexual behavior is worse than bestiality? Aren’t comments like this just things a salty and no frills character like Phil says? Well maybe, but expecting the worst from someone does not excuse his or her behavior. I mean Robertson said that engaging in same sex relationships is worse that people fucking dogs.

Of course Phil is entitled to his beliefs and commentary and am happy for the ducks that they don’t need to worry about sexual abuse. However, A & E is well within its rights to suspend a person for hurting a segment of its audience. Will the suspension hurt the network? Probably, though it’s been said on many occasions that, “any publicity is good publicity.”

A & E can’t be considered an innocent victim having understood, and gained financially, from jumping in the bayou with the Robertson clan. Still, credit the network for taking swift action.

Personally, I don’t consider Duck Dynasty Art or Entertainment. I do consider it aggravated ignorance when degrading to an entire class of people. This isn’t a matter of political correctness but one of human decency.

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    Very well written. Right on target


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