National Siblings Day?

kardashiansAbsolutely no clue. Never heard of it… considered it…crossed my mind. Then I noticed an old picture my sister posted of my brother and I on Facebook, “In honor of National Siblings Day.” A very nice gesture for sure.  I now see that Facebook is loaded with pictures of siblings. Young siblings, old siblings, young/old siblings, siblings at weddings, siblings at work, siblings at play, holiday siblings, here a sibling, there a sibling…thought I was reading a god damn Dr. Seuss book.

So I Goggled this so-called National Siblings Day and discovered while not new, it’s not national. Since 1998 the holiday, which celebrates the relationship of brothers and sisters, has been recognized annually in 39 states though the Siblings Day Foundation is currently seeking federal recognition. Claudia Evart originally conceived the holiday to honor the memory of her brother and sister, both of whom died young. The organization incorporated in 1997 and achieved non-profit status in 1999. 

Now don’t take my ignorance for lack of love, concern, fondness ect. for my siblings. First of all, my great State of Texas is not amongst the signatories to this holiday. So not only am I not bound to celebrate this day, I can put forth a good ole states’ rights argument that it cannot be forced upon me. No one, not even Mr. Hallmark himself, can make me buy a card, take someone to dinner or even shout out a, “Happy Siblings Day too ya.” And second, I don’t recall seeing Sibling Day posts before this year. Did I miss it or did the Siblings Day Foundation  hire a new marketing consultant?

I’m happy to see siblings enjoying great relationships. But do we really need a another holiday? Its not that I’m against it, but it ‘s just one more thing for me to forget.  And what about the future holidays it encourages?  “Best Friend Day” anyone? Not like that won’t end any relationships. Or maybe, “Third Wheel Day?” For those who just can’t take a hint. Anyone up for National Sibling Rivalry Day?  You only thought you’d figured it all out in therapy.  And, soon to be recognized in Colorado and Washington, its, “Fuck Buddy Day.”Alright, well maybe that last one’s a little much. I mean, even the FBD Foundation only wants an hour, not an entire day. 

Still, if I completely ignore this now established right under my nose holiday, I’m considered insensitive towards the love and adoration I have for my siblings.  So, like voting for the least hated candidate, I just held my nose and entered “Siblings Day” on April 10 as a reoccurring event.  Just don’t expect any cards.

Beginning on Thursday, April 17 at noon CT, the Between the Synapse Weekly Radio Show 



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