Your Mother is Always Right: Trump is an …

Doris Toubin 1997

Doris Toubin 1997

On the one hand, it’s a good thing my mother isn’t alive to witness the candidacy of Donald Trump, because it would have killed her. But on the other, the opportunity to share in the glory of electing Hillary Clinton our first woman president would trump the distress of this election.  Ironically, my mom shared Trump’s characteristic of speaking her mind.  And undoubtedly, at some point during the campaign I would have received a phone call like the following:

ME: Hello.

MOM: Did you see what Trump said?

ME: About what? He’s said a lot of crazy things lately.

MOM: About punishing women that have abortions.

ME: Yeah, I saw that. Ridiculous.

MOM: Trump is an asshole.

ME: Can’t argue with that.

After all, your mother is always right.

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