I’ll Lighten Up When …

facebook-good-for-societyRecently and to my lament, I defied my guideline by engaging in protracted Facebook exchanges and worse, twice disregarded my rule of generating personal comments. Whether valid or deserved, nothing positive ever emanates from these exchanges. Responses ended similarly, suggesting that I “lighten up” and “ease up.” Indeed, the assent of Donald Trump troubles me more than that of any politician in my lifetime. An engaged Democrat, I am unafraid of change, welcome opposing views and on balance hold moderate, centrist political beliefs. I fear however, Trump’s authoritarian instincts, narcissistic personality, contempt for honesty, failed business history, and utter disrespect for the office of the President. So instead of adding to the list of my social media indiscretions, below find my response to those suggesting that I “lighten up.”

I’ll lighten up.

When we have a President who understands the consequences of his actions, doesn’t engage in the spread of disinformation and can refrain from personally targeting every person with the audacity to challenge his veracity.jones

When we have a President who doesn’t make a mockery of the intelligence services of his own country, comprehends how tariffs work and sees the Presidency as a full-time job.

When our President-elect uses his or her time to attend more than a weekly Presidential Intelligence Briefing instead of tweeting baseless comments about election fraud and nonexistent cost overruns.

I’ll be happy to ease up.

devosesWhen we have an Education Secretary committed to public school education instead of its destruction and who understands the constitutional separation between church and state .

When we have a Secretary of Health and Human Services who won’t promote a radical anti-LGBTQ agenda, seeks more affordable and accessible health insurance, and will not endanger women’s health.

When we have a Secretary of Housing and Urban Development with a scintilla of housing or government experience and an EPA Administrator who does not seek to disable the very agency he leads.

I’ll even take it easy.

When we have a Labor Secretary who can balance the needs of employers and employees and credibly enforce laws prohibiting sexual harassment.

When the new head of the Small Business Administration’s political career surpasses the experience of  spending almost $100 million of her own money to lose two campaigns for the US Senate, after co-founding the largest purveyor of fake reality.

flynn-tweetWhen the most proximate national security advisor to the President is not someone who dabbles in spreading fake news and hasn’t earned the reputation from subordinates as having a loose relationship with the facts.

I’ll lay off.

When we have a CIA Director who doesn’t suggest that Benghazi was worse than Watergate and an Attorney General once again committed to civil rights.

When our Vice President doesn’t qualify as one of our nation’s most extreme governors and when the incoming President provides more than lip service to quelling the hatred unleashed by his campaign to win this vaulted office.

nlrbWhen our President removes himself from conflicts of interest and ceases to impinge upon the ability of the press to conduct its constitutionally protected roll.

For those arguing I haven’t provided Trump a fair chance; I’ll happily acknowledge his success. But with perhaps the most ideologically aligned cabinet in history, combined with the continuation of his disunifying speeches and tweets and reckless preparatory practices, Trump’s road to Presidential fitness remains steep.

So, to the next person that goes Claytie Williams on me, don’t be surprised with a dose of the sharp-tongued ghost of Ann Richards. Because for me, and 65,432,201 other citizens, it’s far too personal to lighten up.

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