How to Speak Republican

The Texas Republican Party elected a new Party Chair at its Convention yesterday,(SEE – TX Rep. Convention) rejecting the election bid of its current chair, Cathy Adams, who was appointed only eight months earlier. Knowing Cathy to be as strongly conservative and committed to the Republican Party as I have; I wondered why her fellow Texans would so quickly chose another. Cathy & I surely do not agree on many issues outside of the Middle East but she has always been an honest and straightforward individual. I thus googled the newly elected chair, Steve Munisteri, to learn more.

His web page (SEE Steve Munisteri BIO),  contains a bio highlighting details of his life usually not presented in either candidate or general bios. At first, I found it to be of mild interest, but then remembered to apply the “Republican Code” to decipher its true meaning.   The dec0ded version is as follows:

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