Hip Hop Artist Polly D Killed by Canine

1/19/2011 5:30 AM PST by TMZ Staff

Controversial hip hop artist Polly D was found dead outside a West LA nightclub early this morning. According to sources, Polly D, best known perhaps for his hit, “Polly wan a fugin cracker now”, entered The Parrot Club just before midnight along with others to celebrate the birthday of one of the notorious performer’s close friends. Around 2:30 a.m., an unknown assailant burst into the VIP room and grabbed the colorful singer before any of his bodyguards could react.

Polly D made many enemies during his rise from rain forest wannabe to reigning recording star but none as angry as the dogs and cats he continually used as fodder in numerous songs such as, “D-O-G just another way to say S-T-U-P-I-D” and “Cats gotta take a shower just to smell like a cat.” Word on the street was that last week dogs and cats held an unprecedented 24 hour truce for leaders on both sides to discuss ways to deal with the “Polly D” issue. Whether a hit was discussed will certainly be a topic for police to investigate.

LA police do have one lead; a security photo captured a canine, believed to be a bird dog, with Polly D in its mouth shortly before the artist was found dead outside the club. The dog in the photo matches the description of the assailant. Lead Detective I. Kant Cachit released the photo and asked the public to call the LA police with any leads on identification of the alleged killer.

Alleged killer of Hip Hop Artist Polly D

Fans of Polly D have already gathered outside his Beverly Hills Mansion and placed the 1000’s of packets of the legendary star’s favorite saltines along the fence.

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One thought on “Hip Hop Artist Polly D Killed by Canine

  1. Mike Jaffe says:

    RIP Polly D. You had it coming. A dog just has to do what a dog has to do. Woof.

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