Album Oriented Radio

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Most folks forget that only in the early 70’s did FM radio begin to replace AM as the most frequented local for music, relegating the mono frequency to  sports and right-wing radio. I distinctly recall the new, laidback voices on FM channels preaching the virtues of AOR or Album Oriented Radio. Such a change to hear not just the A side with an occasional B play but “deep” cuts as well as entire albums. Who didn’t stand ready with a cassette player ready to record the newest releases played up for free or maybe a midnight classic featured each and every night.

Album art had taken on a life of its own and the more astute artists included a booklet containing the words, usually unstaged photos, and sometimes comments discussing the work. Album (LP’s) purchases soared while 45’s stoically endured life in the closeout bin.

High tech ironically issued LP’s their comeuppance though as the downloadable single has become de rigueur, a fact not lost on 45’s which took so much abuse from AOR.


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