Defriended by Right-Wing Facebookers

Help, I’ve been defriended by right-wing Facebookers!

Well ok, I’m not really in danger. Did not mean to alarm anyone but for the third time a FB friend deleted my comments and defriended me after I weighed in with remarks expressing a contrary view to those of the ongoing discussion. But as a boxer getting in a couple of jabs before getting knocked out, I at least got a couple of “likes” before deletion.

Me, myself have only deleted a couple of friends; not for expressing different or even stupid or idiotic opinions. But rather for what I call “rabid” posting of the irrelevant and nonsensical. Have I wanted to defriend for political reasons? Of course, but this is the United States of America. I should add, by the way, that the comments at issue contained neither profanity nor mean spirit; just a contrary and moderating point of view to fairly extreme commentary.

I suppose you the reader are now thinking, “What did you expect?”

That’s a fair question.

I expected some form of exchange, albeit harsh and unkind. Failure to defend one’s position in a public forum (the discussion appeared on my page, I did not seek it out) illustrates weakness of mind as well as position. Was the initial argument so weak that one comment would have changed everyone’s minds? More important, it’s indicative of the type of intolerance that renders our body politic in critical condition.

So though I may not be in danger, I’m not so sure about us in general.

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