Put your Ambien and Melatonin on the shelf, last night I discovered a natural cure to insomnia which will not expire until early November, 2012. It puts you to sleep gradually and leaves no ill effect in the morning. Its one side effect, however, involves weird, nonsensical dreams.

For example, I dreamt that Republicans wanted really small, itty bity government which made no sense because the largest growth in the federal government occurred under the Administrations of Reagan and George W.  Then I dreamt that the financial meltdown in 2008 was caused by government interference in the financial market. Now this didn’t make any sense either because it was lack of governmental accountability and lax regulatory structures that put our economic system at the brink. And if that wasn’t weird enough, I then dreamt that thousands of people were running around holding copies of the US Constitution, but misquoting it.  And to top it off, I awoke in a sweat having
dreamt of ten brunette women from Minnesota sitting in my bedroom taking notes.

On second thought, maybe I’ll stick with Ambien.

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