BtS Radio – The Summer of Sirens: Israel and the Middle East

toubin-Promo-Variety banerToday’s Middle East may be as dangerous and explosive than at any time since 1973. As this in a part of the world that has seen significant danger and explosiveness. First, the Iraq War has unleashed old, bitter rivalries with newer and more cruel soldiers. Second, Iran’s quest for nuclear capability remains in place. And third, the Israeli – Palestinian conflict resides not at the bargaining table but with the exchange of gun fire. Middle East Studies expert Dr. Ken Stein of Emory University, who just returned from visiting Israel, joins Between the Synapse to discuss the region as a whole and Israel in particular. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about this most complicated region from one of our nation’s leading experts.

Dr. Ken Stein

stein-headshotJust returned from a trip to Israel, which coincided with the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas, Professor Kenneth W. Stein has taught Middle Eastern history, political science and Israel studies at Emory University since 1977. Stein’s scholarship focuses on the origins and politics of modern Israel, Palestinian social history, the British Mandate in Palestine, the Arab-Israeli negotiating process, American foreign policy toward the region, and the modern Arab world. The author of multiple groundbreaking books on Israel and the Middle East, Dr. Stein appears regularly in the national media, and lectures across the country. He received his undergraduate degree from Franklin and Marshall College and doctoral degree from The University of Michigan.

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