Bts Radio – Rush to Judgment (Coverage of the Bergdahl matter)

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Listen live at noon CT/1 pm ET/10 am PT, or take in the podcast later tonight on Between the Synapse , for “Rush to Judgment.”

Once again members of the media stoke political fire by reporting on a major news event before confirming facts and relying on sources without appropriate vetting. And, once again members of right-wing conservative movements create a narrative
based upon such reporting that threatens our nation’s ability to understand that event without bias. Like Benghazi, the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange has already been politicized to the extent that hardened views may never be altered even as the facts become public. We will discuss the coverage of the Bergdahl matter and how it affects our national security and democracy.

Call in to voice your opinion (live version only) at 866-472-5788.

Joining the show will be Hannah Groch-Begley, who has been reporting on the media coverage of the Bergdahl matter for She joined Media Matters as a joined Media Matters Research Fellow in 2012. Twitter: Hannah Groch-Begley@grouchybagels.

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