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toubin-Promo-Variety banerIf dogs hadn’t already existed, I’m pretty sure we would have invented them as I just can’t imagine a dog-less world. Cats? That’s a personal preference but on this episode we’re strictly talking dogs (i.e. about, not speaking). Noted author and lover of dogs Peter Nelson will be joining the broadcast to share his literary as well as personal dog tales. This show will be a real treat, don’t miss it.

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Peter Nelson

peternelson_1Pete Nelson’s 2010 novel, I Thought You Were Dead, focuses on the relationship between the down and out Paul Gustavson and his dog Stella. While Paul attempts to salvage his sanity and relationships, Stella not only listens with compassion but provides better counsel than any human. A prolific writer since receiving his MFA from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop in 1979, Nelson’s work includes a six-book series about a girl named Sylvia Smith-Smith which earned him an Edgar Award nomination and a young adult non-fiction book on WWII history, Left For Dead, for which he won the 2003 Christopher award. Peter, by the way, is not the Pete Nelson of tree house fame, although he’s got nothing against them, and performs as a singer-songwriter before select but devoted audiences. For information on all of Peter’s publications, check out his Amazon page


mickeyOn July 29, 2014, Mickey turned the same age as BtS Radio host Mark Toubin. Though the Tullahoman born Brittany turned 8 as counted by the calendar, his dog year equivalent of 51 years matches Toubin’s human age. Mickey’s a friendly, sweet, gentle “medium” sized dog with terrific agility and speed. An excellent watch dog, his counter surfing abilities occasional outweigh that particular asset. Notably, Mickey can open any unlocked, levered-handled door and enjoys chewing the fringe off stuffed animals.

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