BtS Radio April 24, 2014: Insider’s Guide to Israel and the Middle East

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Not a day goes by without front page news from Israel and the Middle East. But sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend what’s really happening. Join featured guest Marcus Sheff live from Jerusalem as we discuss all things Israel and Middle East from a true insider perspective. We’ll take your calls and questions as well. Will also discuss the NBA playoffs with Pounding the Rock Contributor Travis Hale. Don’t miss it.

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Marcus-Sheff-ED-TIPPrior to serving as Executive Director of The Israel Project’s Jerusalem office, Sheff worked as a journalist and communications professional in Israel for 20 years as a political reporter for The Nation, editor at The Jerusalem Post and owner of a strategic communications company. Sheff appears regularly on TV and radio, including CNN, NBC, ABC, BBC, and Al Jazeera, lectures extensively in the US, Europe and Israel and accompanied President Shimon Peres on his state visit to the U.S. West Coast.

Born in Manchester, UK, Sheff attended the University of Leeds, where he helped lead the campaign to stop the banning of Jewish societies at British universities. After graduation, he immigrated to Israel and served as a combat soldier in the IDF. Later, as a reserve officer in the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, Sheff was a prominent spokesperson during the second Intifada and the Lebanon War. Today, he trains senior IDF officers in media skills and holds the rank of Major in the unit.

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