Boycott Whole Foods?

This is like boycotting the “Wizard of Oz” after you find out there is no wizard.  The President of Whole Foods has political views to the right of Nancy Pelosi.  Oh my god, call in Stalin’s goons.  Putting aside the discussion of whether it’s good business sense to editorialize on highly controversial subjects, the notion of boycotting the king of organic goods for setting forth his views on health care reform criteria illustrates the sanguinary nature of the new left.  

I agreed with some of points, and disagreed with others (tort reform – yes, med mal is a major factor in health care but the simplistic response of banning med mal cases makes “knee jerk” appear slow).  But my goodness, Mackey didn’t call Obama the C word (community organizer) or say that we should disregard the uninsured and allow them to perish while the insured eat organic caviar during their yearly cat scan.

Seems to me the there is much to be done to pass health care reform by just getting folks to understand the facts.  So much distortion (see former VP candidate and former Alaska Governor Palin) twists the debate, that movement on this issue becomes albatrossic (yes, I made that up).   

So, can I continue to shop at Whole Foods.  Yes I can and yes I will.  I must add however, that the new HEB in my hood is looking pretty good.  

Ain’t that capitalism for ya?

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