Big Man Gone: Heaven Needed a Horn Section

By Johnny 99

AP Music Writer

NEW YORK (AP) — Clarence “Big Man” Clemons has joined Heaven’s Rock-n-Roll All Stars, adding a much needed saxophone to the band, which features Keith Moon on drums, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix on guitar, Danny Federici on keyboards, George Harrison on Bass, John Lennon on Rhythm Guitar and vocals, Buddy Holly on guitar and vocals, and Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain,
Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison on vocals.

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Said the band’s promoter Bill Graham, “Most all the sax guys go to the jazz and blues bands, we’re all excited to have a player like Clarence join us.”

Added E Street band mate Danny Federici, “I know how much the Big Man will be missed, he’s irreplaceable. But I can’t lie, can’t wait to play with him again.”

“He makes the sax sound so organic, so sweet,” said John Lennon. “We had a few horn players, particularly on Sgt. Peppers, but no one comes close to Clarence.”

The newly configured band plans to make its debut in a month or two, once it completes rehearsals.

AP correspondent Madame Marie assisted with this article.

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