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In the nervous system, a synapse is a structure that permits a neuron to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another cell. The Neuron Doctrine holds that though neurons are not continuous throughout the body that these cells may nonetheless communicate with each other.

This blog seeks to capture the linkage of that which falls in-between the obvious, conventional and typical. Its niche is a voice, not a topic. It seeks to explore the assorted and sundry, including politics, the Middle East, culture, sports, humor and satire, “from a distinctive perspective with insight, sarcasm and occasionally, humor.”

I never intended to write a blog; just wanted an online host for some of my opusarticles.  Once Between the Synapse appeared in the online service’s mandatory request for a title, a blogger I became.   That was spring of 2008, when Blackberry’s ruled the world, the Great Recession revealed its true intentions, and a movie featuring real impoverished children won best picture. BtS encountered three makeovers before settling on the moody, dark blue background which ran for over 3 years. Desirous of a new, fresh approach as well as a format capable of greater content, I launched the fifth and current edition this past December.

I guess the past two months could be referred to as the “beta” phase but the site is now prime time ready. Truly, I hope you like it and return many times. While dedicated to continually improving the reader experience, it remains committed to the aforementioned organic nature of creating content.  Most of all, I hope BtS spurs thought, discussion, debate, and mostly reasonable arguments. Please utilize the site as a forum to post responses, ideas, and beliefs. This is my invitation to engage as well as read.

BtS now possesses the ability to send out weekly email updates alerting you to new content. To subscribe, just complete the form at the top left corner that looks just like:

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BtS to date has recorded over 125,000 views and your help can increase that number. Please “like” the new site on Facebook and encourage your friends, family, colleagues, and even those you don’t really care for, to become readers and subscribers.

Thanks for reading.

Mark B. Toubin

 Beginning on Thursday, April 17 at noon CT, the Between the Synapse Weekly Radio Show on VoiceAmerica
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