I guess it’s a good thing to still be shocked by events such as today’s tragedy at the Aurora Movie Theatre. To feel otherwise would imply numbness and acceptance.

Many questions obviously remain unanswered though the next few days will be replete with drabs and dribbles of speculation mixed with fact and shaken with a multitude of opinions. The list of topics up for  repeated discussion on Fox, CNN, and MSNBC will include Hollywood, Occupy Wall Street, Security, and Gun Control, or lack thereof.

On this last subject I wondered what, if anything, the NRA’s website had to say about one individual walking into a theatre armed with an assault rifle, a shotgun and two, large caliber handguns and shooting 12 people dead and wounding another 59. The answer? Nothing.

I did, however, find a few interesting reads including a link to “NRA Opponents” which includes “Mayors against Illegal Guns.”  Ergo, the NRA must therefore support illegal guns. Also of interest, the NRA’s major opposition to bullet microstamping, a tool to help law enforcement quickly identify those who commit gun crimes.  These issues are a far cry from an organization founded for the purpose of promoting hunting and gun-related sports.

Maybe it’s time to be shocked by our nation’s failure to engage in a meaningful and even-headed gun discussions before we become numb to future Aurora’s.

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