On the NJ Shore – an offer you shouldn’t refuse

jersey shore 2New Jersey lawmakers asked MTV to cancel the series The Jersey Shore. Have not seen nor plan nor to watch, but sounds like the Jersey Legislature’s been watching reruns of the Sopranos. Maybe James

Gandolfini can pay a vist to MTV’s HQ to “reinforce” the request.

Since when should the government weigh-in on reality show stereotyping, ethnic or otherwise? Can someone please explain why Shore is worse than Housewives of NJ? Have not seen that either but from what I can tell, HW does not exactly give the other 49 states a glowing portrayal of NJ’s females. The Sopranos, by the way, did not do so much for Jersey’s image as a law abiding beacon for Italian-Americans or New Jersey Americans in general.  Is Shore simply the  last tollroad?

Or,  is NJ ahead of the pack? Where is Atlanta or OC or Dallas? Should these places be protecting their civic image like Jersey too? Or, is MTV just not cutting  the right Jersey citizens in on the deal?

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