30 Year High School Reunion Interview

Against his better judgment, BTS publisher Mark Toubin agreed to an interview with BTS special correspondent Art Van Delay discussing Toubin’s recent 30 Year High School Reunion.

AVD:      30 years, that’s a long damn time.

MBT:     Yes, yes it is. Thanks for reminding me.

AVD:      So, tell me about it.

MBT:     About what? The Reunion or the fact it’s been 30 years since graduating high school?

AVD:      Well, both I suppose.

MBT:     30 years is a long time, on the other hand, seems like yesterday.

AVD:      It wasn’t yesterday, it’s been 30 years.

MBT:     Got that Art, it’s just an expression.

AVD:      Ah…

MBT:     I mean, in some respects, I felt like a saw these folks just a few months ok. But then you realize a lot has transpired in the intervening years.

AVD:      Kinda like time travel?

MBT:     No, Art; are you on drugs?

AVD:      Now? No.

MBT:     Well whatever. Do you have a question?

AVD:      Yes, what was the biggest surprise of the reunion?

MBT:     Hard to say, no one person surprised me all that much. It was more laid back than I thought it would be, which was a good thing because I got to visit with a lot of folks.

AVD:      Were any of your secret crushes there?

MBT:     What are you, in high school?

AVD:      Come on…

MBT:     Next question!

AVD:      What was your favorite memory of High School?

MBT:     Hmm, besides the keg parties?

AVD:      Enough said. Are you glad you attended the reunion?

MBT:     Yes, very much so. Some of these folks I have known since first grade. And even though we have not spoken in years, there’s still a connection. It’s a connection not only with my classmates, but to my past. Sometimes you forget things, and it’s good to be reminded.

AVD:      Now your daughter is about to begin high school, any words of advice?

MBT:     I took her on a tour of my high school the day after the reunion. Most of it was closed, but she got a good idea. High school’s a pretty big step up. The best advice I can give her is no different though than I would tell her about any new adventure. Be yourself, know where you want to go, but that the journey is as important as the destination.

AVD:      Nice (AVD wipes away tears).

MBT:     Don’t go soft on me now Art.

AVD:      What? Come on, I had something in my eye…

MBT:     Sure Art, sure.


4 thoughts on “30 Year High School Reunion Interview

  1. Debbie Pagonis Walton says:

    This is great- I hope everyone sees it!! It was great to see you. We all had a great time!!

  2. Karen Engle Biegger says:


    Great interview. It was good seeing you and chatting with you. You looked great, exactly as I remembered you.

    Take care!

  3. Jay Van Daley says:

    You have not changed much. Still witty, and looking like a million bucks. I am wondering if Art might be one of my cousins, though.

  4. Ray Matutes says:

    This is a great glimpse into my own feelings on the past, friends, roots, and what makes us who we are today. I wish I could have made it to the 30 year reunion! I had a charity event for the Ronald McDonald House up here in Indy and then went with my wife and kids on a Father’s Day trip to Chicago for a Lego Brick World Expo.I was thinking about what events were happening when over the weekend so in a way I was there in spirit. Thanks for this moment of nostalgia.

    Missing everyone.


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