duncan bankWhat happens when a broken foot leads to a lucky ping pong ball in a one pro sports city frustrated by almosts combines with a first-time NBA coach and an immensely talentedly, hard-working 7-foot power forward with exceptional personal qualities?
And second, we express our gratitude. Not just for the victories and championships but the inspiration; for playing with honor of both the game and his opponents.  For illustrating to our children that focusing on fundamentals pays off. For a sense of humor; and for showing how to be a nice guy cut throat at the same time.
spurs %Tim Duncan, the Spurs, the City of San Antonio, Gregg Popovich, the Admiral, Manu and Tony fortuitously came together and diligently created the greatest span in the history of NBA basketball. Duncan was the backbone, in a manner distinct from most athletes of his stature. That manner helped create the “Spurs” and his legacy will sustain it.
Thank you Timmy, for everything.
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