The 11 Most Beautiful US News Reporters of 2010

Could not figure out the top 10 so included 11 of the most beautiful news anchors and reporters of of 2010. Only included US national news outlets.

#11 Jenna Lee Fox Business News

#10 Robin Meade CNN Headline News

#9 Natalie Morales NBC Today Show

#8 Meg Oliver ABC News

#7 Bianna Golodryga ABC News

#6 Christie Paul CNN Headline News

#5 Erin Burnette CNBC

#4 Michelle Kosinski NBC News Correspondent

#3 Megyn Kelly Fox News

#2 Nicole Lapin - CNBC

#1 Lara Logan CBS News Foreign Correspondent

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4 thoughts on “The 11 Most Beautiful US News Reporters of 2010

  1. CB says:

    notoriously missing: most beautiful news girl from RT, Anissa Naouai, simply mesmerises me ; have placed her very high on my most beautiful list! —

  2. deb says:

    Top Headline News Anchor Teams

    Our viewers have rated Ashley, Cindy, and Brett as our Top Headline News Anchors.

  3. deb says:

    Our Top Rated Headline News Anchor Teams

    Ashley and Brett

    Ashley has been an all-time favorite among our viewers due to her highly gifted talents. She performs her shows with great enthusiasm and literally knows how to put the “Head” in Headline news.

    Cindy and Brett

    Cindy has an excellent rapport with our HLN viewers. She knows exactly what it takes to put on a great Headline News show. She has some of the best skills and knows how to use them well.

    Brett – Our Top Headline News Anchor Man

    Brett is our top rated news anchor man. We utilize him in many of our Live Headline News Shows because of his excellent performance skills and dedication to perform several shows per day.

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