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The Consequences of Marriage Equality

marriage equality

The decision in Obergefell v. Hodges provides for much more than the issuance of a legal license; it firmly denotes equal humanness for all persons regardless of sexual orientation.

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Poll: War Between Walmart v. China?

China Walmart war

Following the US Department of Defense, the graph below illustrates that the world’s second and third biggest employers are the People’s Liberation Army of China and Walmart. This of course begs the question of who do you think would win a war between the 2.3 million person strong People’s Liberation Army and Walmart’s 2.1 million employees. (Unclear just how many are greeters.)

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Mourning Charleston


Once again our country must face the tragic reality of a mass murder, a hate crime, committed with a gun. This Between the Synapse podcast discusses the issues of race, access to guns, and the criminal justice system.

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BtS Podcast – Hola Israel

telaviv 1

Check out this weeks Between the Synapse as we welcome live from Jerusalem Leah Soibel, the founder of Fuente Latina, an independent initiative that provides Spanish language information about Israel and the Middle East to journalists and decision-makers in Latin America and across the Spanish-speaking world. Soibel also discusses the latest with Iran and the prospects for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Joining the broadcast as well to share her thoughts as a Latina visiting Israel for the first time is Ariana Montelongo de Valdivia.

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BtS Podcast: Well it’s floodin’ down in Texas

flood 3

The City of Houston as well as the States of Texas & Oklahoma recently experienced some of the worst flooding in history leading to the deaths of at least 15 people. In this podcast Between the Synapse discusses these events with Senior AccuWeather Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski and Houstonian Dena Magelssen, who with her family helped save many neighbors despite the flooding of her own home.

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BtS Podcast: Finales

letterman 1

Listen to Between the Synapse, one of the top shows on VoiceAmerica’s Variety Channel. This podcast features the subject of Finales: Mad Men, Letterman and high school graduation. Plus, stupid pet tricks and a visit from the man under the stairs.

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BtS Podcast: Around the Horn

texas invasion 1

In this edition of Between the Synapse Radio we go “Around the Horn” and discuss a range of topics including why the Spurs really lost in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, the bust of the oldest police force on record, tips on how to date famous actresses and David Letterman’s last go round. Plus, Texas gets invaded!

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BtS Podcast: Not all Successful Businessman are Republicans!


Conventional wisdom, for whatever its worth, says that those who have successfully navigated the road-map to financial success support, or at least vote for, Republican candidates for public office. Democrats, on the other hand, is the party for those at the beginning of the journey or even without a map at all. Joining this Between the Synapse podcast to test this theory is David Mincberg, a very successful businessman and strong Democrat. We also discuss some of the current topics of the day including the troubles in Baltimore, the 2016 Presidential Race and more.

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