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Rule to Remember: Home Team’s Always Listed Second


Even if you don’t follow sports, there are some rules you should still know. Check out this article on how the architectural rendering of the new Atlanta Brave Stadium pictures the Braves losing 6 to 3 to the Washington Nationals.

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If You See a Historic Synagogue Rollin’ Down Texas’ Highway 290 …

bnai pic

Brenham’s historic B’nai Abraham synagogue to be moved to Austin, TX.

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BtS Podcast: HAI’s – The Biggest Threat to HealthCare

Xenex germ zapping robot

Xenex’ Germ Zapping Robot eliminates source of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s), which affect 2-3 million in US each year, killing almost 100,000.

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BtS Radio: The Biggest Threat to HealthCare


Eliminating Healthcare Acquired Infections at the source is the sole purpose of Xenex’ Eden, BtS’ first non-human guest. Also from Xenex will be its CEO Morris Miller and CSO Mark Stibich. Nancy Carralla of the C.diff Foundation will call-in to shed some additional light on the threats posed by HAI’s.

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BtS Radio Podcast: Ferguson & Immigration

Police Shooting Missouri

Between the Synapse discusses the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner as well as the issue of immigration with guest co-host Jay Aiyer and legal expert Jim Lavine.

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BtS Radio Podcast: What I’m Thankful For (or not)

thankful 2

Listen to the podcast of Between the Synapse’s Thanksgiving Show as we express our gratitude for that which makes us happy, thankful, crazy or little bit of each.

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Ode To Bobby Keys

bkeys 1

When I first heard Bobby Key’s sax solo on Joe Ely’s Letter to LA on Radio KLBJ, it stopped me in my tracks.

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College Football Playoff Rankings – Curly ahead of Moe & Larry


This new ranking system makes no freakin’ sense!

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Memories of My Mother

calendar 2

I typically don’t post family related stories or events but in this case I thought I’d share the words I read at the funeral of my Mom, Doris Toubin, this past Sunday, November 23, 2014.

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BtS Radio – What I’m Thankful for (or not)


What I’m thankful for (or not).

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